Best Daycare Options: Why Learning Centers Set Your Child Up for Success

May 14, 2024
A preschool teacher using dolls to demonstrate bathing techniques

Best Daycare Options

Choosing a daycare is a big decision that can shape a child’s early development. So, as a parent, how do you go about choosing one? There are many different options, including learning centers. Find out why learning centers make the best daycare options and learn what advantages they have over traditional daycare and babysitting.

What to Look for in the Best Daycare Option

Navigating the daycare decision maze? recommends following a “Look, Listen, Ask” method. When touring facilities or in-home daycares, check out whether the children are happy and engaged. You are your child’s biggest advocate, so don’t be shy – look, listen, and ask about safety, cleanliness, staff qualifications, child-to-staff ratios, parent connection, structure, and curriculum. 

Safety is paramount, so secure facilities and staff trained in first aid and emergency procedures are necessary. As for staffing, consider the child-to-staff ratio and the staff’s credentialing; every city and state has its own requirements. If you’re looking at an early education center, learn about their curriculum and even how it aligns with the elementary school they will attend later on. 

Another factor to consider when choosing a daycare is what the children do during the day. What will they eat, how much time do they spend playing outside, and where and when do they take naps? Especially for infants, knowing where they take naps is critical in ensuring your child is safe. As a parent, you know how important it is make sure your little one is getting all their zzz’s and sticking to a schedule that works for your family! Some places, like Lightbridge Academy, offer cool apps that send you updates right to your phone so you can see how your child is doing in real time! 

Other factors include knowing the cost and availability. If you’re on a waiting list, for instance, do they have an idea of when a spot might open?

Types of Daycare Facilities

There are two main types of facilities to choose from: group daycares (think child care centers or early education centers), which are more structured like a school, and in-home daycares, which focus more on supervision than education. Each type must follow city and state licensing regulations, and both have their perks; the key is finding the best fit for your family.

Early Education Center Advantages

Early education centers, like Lightbridge Academy, really raise the bar. They're not just about watching your kids but about growing their minds. These centers have trained, qualified teachers who use proven instructional methods and materials tailored to young minds. Your child will learn about reading, math, science, art, and physical education – all aimed at preparing them for school and also provide them with important life skills. The Perry Preschool Project shows that children who receive early education or attend a preschool program are more likely to graduate from high school, hold a job, and earn higher wages. 

Another difference is that unlike some in-home daycare providers that close for sick days, learning centers have backup staff to keep the doors open – talk about reliability!

What Makes Lightbridge Academy the Best Daycare Option?

Choosing the best daycare or early education center is not just a logistical decision — it’s a choice that affects your child’s future. At the heart of Lightbridge Academy is our Circle of Care philosophy. It’s a commitment that extends beyond your child and includes family, staff members, and the community to build a supportive environment. Beyond just care, we lay down a foundation for lifelong learning and teamwork that extends past our walls. 

And because we know safety and health are your top priorities, we’ve invested in top-notch security and health measures. From facial recognition entry systems to air purification setups that keep germs at bay, we ensure your child’s environment is as safe as possible. Plus, our ParentView® Internet Monitoring system and eCommunication app lets you peek into your little one's day anytime you feel like it. 

Our teachers are so excited to meet you and your little one. They’re all CPR- and first-aid certified and have earned their child development associate credential. Just like your child, their learning never stops, and they continue to undergo training during their career with us. 

Choosing Lightbridge Academy means prioritizing your child’s development and learning. But don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself why Lightbridge Academy is The Solution for Working Families®. Remember, the best daycare is one that helps your child thrive, and at Lightbridge Academy, we’re committed to being a part of that success. Schedule a tour today.