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Where your child is surrounded by love, guided with purpose and inspired to learn.

Lightbridge Academy has established a reputation as The Solution for Working Parents® by meeting the evolving needs of families for high quality early childhood education.

Since 1997, Lightbridge Academy has been a place where thousands of parents, children, staff, franchise owners and communities have come together to form a trusted Circle of Care — the supportive relationships necessary for children and families to thrive. We protect this circle with a steadfast commitment to our core values, and by never forgetting that children at the heart of everything we do.

Lightbridge Academy balances nurturing care with a unique early childhood education curriculum that helps children grow and develop right before our very eyes.

Gigi Schweikert

Chief Executive Officer

Gigi Schweikert
From the first hello of the day, to its last good-bye, we ensure every child feels safe, nurtured and excited to learn and grow with us. We’re your trusted partner in the development and education of your child. We go beyond what’s expected, creating a one-of-a-kind educational experience for the children we care for and the families who cherish them."
Guy Falzarano

Our beginning

"My wife Julia & I are parents of three sons and eight grandchildren. We know first-hand the struggles of the working parent. Which is why we made it our mission to provide the kind of support, education and care that cannot be found anywhere else in the child care industry. Through the years, countless working parents have included us as part of their extended family, relying on us to help them meet the challenges of balancing work and parenting."

Guy Falzarano


Circle of Care

Our Philosophy

We are built on a foundation of family values that shine through to illuminate the very best within each of us. Together, our children, parents, staff, community and owners all come together as a family to contribute to and benefit from a trusted Circle of Care — where we embrace the potential of today and explore the promise of tomorrow.


At the heart of our Circle of Care is the child. Surrounded by care, guidance, and the early-childhood educational expertise of our staff, no area of a child's safety or development is left to chance.


The needs of working parents are equally important as the care and education of their children. We strive to earn your trust and create a meaningful and life-enhancing relationship with you, one that will help you meet the challenges of balancing work and life.


Our team is deeply engaged, grows with us, and remains within the Circle of Care for the long term. Everyone — from teachers to administrators — are selected with great care; they must "live" our Core Values and be inspired by the transformative role we all play in the lives of children.


Our relationships extend beyond the four walls of our child care centers through supportive partnerships and participation within the communities we serve. Our goal is to be a valuable asset in every community.


Lightbridge Academy franchise owners are selected with great care, and must share our core values and understanding of the transformative role they play in the lives of all staff and families. You can expect to find the same values shining through from center to center.

Our core values

Our core values

Our core values are driven by a desire to nurture and develop meaningful relationships with all members of the Lightbridge Academy family, never forgetting that
are at the center of why we are all gathered together.

  • Care deeply
    With every genuine interaction

  • Happiness
    Creating happy memories in a joyful environment

  • Integrity
    Being honest and respectful in all relationships

  • Lead by example
    Set the example for all others to follow

Our core values
  • Deliver
    Consistent “WOW” customer service

  • Relationships & Recognition
    Build meaningful relationships while recognizing accomplishments

  • Excellence
    Never settle for "good enough" by continuously improving and embracing change

  • Nurture
    Each family member in a supportive and positive environment

  • video monitoring
  • Lightbridge Promise
  • cleanliness

We are pledged to the highest of standards of health and safety. Our centers are cleaned throughout the day, and continuously served by an enhanced air purification and filtration system. Every center is also inspected as part of the Lightbridge Quality Assurance Program.

Our facilities follow clear guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing classrooms - including frequently touched surfaces and toys - throughout the day and in the evening.

Above and beyond the health and safety requirements for any child care system, our centers are installing an enhanced air purification and filtration system with Advanced Oxidation Technology. Similar in design to what is used in healthcare, food processing plants, and other highly sensitive environments, this system continuously purifies the air and sterilizes all visible surfaces significantly reducing infectious airborne pathogens including COVID-19 by purifying the air and removing airborne particulates through HEPA filters.

This state-of-the-art technology helps to ensure that Lightbridge Academy is safe and secure. From facial recognition entry to silent alarms to internal video monitoring and limited points of entry, our security system, emergency drills and protocols are some of the most advanced in the industry.

It's not enough for just a few staff members to be CPR and first-aid certified, everyone must achieve this certification. In addition, every staff member must meet or exceed state-mandated educational requirements and pass thorough background checks to ensure safety for all.

In addition to inspections by state licensing agencies, each center must adhere to Lightbridge Academy quality standards which may exceed state requirements. A quality assurance team representative performs an unannounced inspection of every center to ensure compliance with all requirements from Lightbridge Franchise Company, franchisor of Lightbridge Academy.

Stay connected to your child throughout the day from work or home. Our ParentView® Internet Monitoring System enables you to see your child in real-time over a secure, password-protected internet connection.
Innovators in

Educational Child Care

Lightbridge Academy values innovation and takes a forward-thinking approach in the use of technology in early childhood education to enhance communication, health & safety, security while also creating a rich learning environment. We look for new ways to more effectively manage our centers, support the classroom environment and provide peace of mind to parents.

In 1998 we introduced ParentView® Internet Monitoring, a technology that enables parents to stay connected throughout the day. This led to the 2011 launch of a parent eCommunication app that sends families pictures and videos with real time reports and milestone updates.

Our top priority has always been a healthy and safe environment for all those in our Circle of Care to love, learn and thrive. This is why we have The Lightbridge Promise – the Gold Standard in the child care industry for cleanliness, security and peace of mind. The Lightbridge Promise includes six trusted commitments in every center for peace of mind, including air purification and filtration systems in every center.

These enhancements, in addition to many others, have continued to keep us at the forefront as Innovators in Educational Child Care®.

Innovators in Educational Child Care
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