Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Enrollment at all Lightbridge Academy locations is ongoing as long as space is available.

Please request the required registration paperwork from Lightbridge Academy location where you would like to enroll.

Yes. To place your child's name on the waiting list simply contact the center director and provide them with your child's information. In the meantime, they can assist you in finding available space in one of the other convenient Lightbridge Academy locations until space becomes available for you to transfer to your preferred location. Visit the Locate A Child Care Center page for a listing of all centers.

Visit the Child Care Center page for a listing of all Lightbridge Academy centers.

All Lightbridge Academy locations are open Monday through Friday. Most programs are available from 2 to 5 days per week. Back-up care is available on a daily and space available basis.

Meal options vary by center - some offer the option of enrolling in a Meal Plan which includes morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunch options. Snacks include fruit, vegetable, whole grain, and protein options. The lunch selections include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. All food and meals that are provided to your child meet or exceed USDA nutritional guidelines and standards.

Yes, the center can administer medication following state regulations. If your child requires medication, a qualified staff member can administer the medication as long as it is accompanied by a medication authorization form signed by your child's health care provider. For detailed information, please see the Medication Administration Policy contained within Lightbridge Academy Registration packet.

Each Lightbridge Academy center meets or exceeds state regulations regarding adult to child ratios. You can rest assured that your child will receive an abundance of attention from trained and caring early childhood professionals.

Effective communication happens on an ongoing and daily basis through our parent eCommunication app. You will receive ongoing and daily reports detailing important classroom announcements, reminders, photos, and videos so you won't miss a thing! It is also a great tool for doctor visits helping to keep track of important information such as what your child ate, how they slept and even potty details. In addition, teachers will track your child's development by taking observation notes based on our curriculum. We review this information with you twice a year at our Parent Teacher conferences. Of course, directors and teachers are always available to speak with you at any time.

ParentView® Internet Monitoring is a streaming internet video service that allows you to see your child over a secure, password-protected connection, from your work- or home-based PC. After setting up your account and receiving center authorization, you can log in to see your child at any time throughout the day. It is a great conversation started for the drive home!