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A valuable perk to offer your employees

Parents who know their children are in a safe and caring environment, receiving a solid educational foundation, are less stressed and can focus on their jobs. Give them this peace of mind by offering child care solutions through Lightbridge Academy. From our Corporate Advantage Program (CAP) to Back-Up Care, we can provide the solution that fits your company’s needs and budget.

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Corporate Advantage Program

As an employer, you gain a competitive advantage by offering a child care discount as part of your benefits package. Companies must fit the program eligibility requirements and criteria. There are no administrative fees associated with this program.

How Do Employers Benefit from Corporate Advantage?

How Do Employers Benefit from Corporate Advantage?

As an employer, you gain a significant competitive advantage by offering child care as part of your benefits package but that’s not all. A quality child care solution offers employees peace of mind that can lead to:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee morale
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduced employee stress levels
  • Reduced unscheduled absences and tardiness

How Do Employees Benefit?

Parents who enroll their children in Lightbridge Academy through the Corporate Advantage Program know that their children are receiving a high-quality early education program in a nurturing environment. Plus, they may be eligible for:

  • Back-up Care: Available to all employees directly through Lightbridge Academy Back-up Child Care (LABC). With a back-up care relationship in place, parents have peace of mind knowing that safe, reliable child care is always available.
  • Preferred Status: The best child care programs often have waiting lists of up to six months or longer. Your employees will enjoy the privilege of being placed on a Preferred Status waiting list. Parents on this list will get special consideration when spaces open up at our centers.
  • Tuition Discounts: Employees can receive 5% off tuition when they enroll their child in a full day Infant, Toddler, Preschool or Kindergarten program. This may result in savings of up to $1,200 per year, per child. Savings are also available for multiple children through our Sibling Discount.* 
    *Discounts may not be combined.
  • Parent Seminars: Parents are invited to attend educational seminars in the evening and on weekends discussing topics that include Sign Language Basics, Infant CPR, Child Development, Work/Life Balance and more.

Additional Programs


Lightbridge Academy can provide child care for corporate functions, special events and even customized programs on site. Whatever the need, we will partner with you to provide a solution.


School breaks often create child care challenges for parents. That's why we offer customized Spring and Winter Break programs for our corporate partners. By offering age-appropriate educational activities for older children, parents can focus on work knowing that their school-age children are having fun and being well cared for in a safe environment even when school isn't in session.

Take Your Child<br/>to Work Day
Take Your Child
to Work Day

With our help, parents can share the "at work" part of their lives with their children and still have time to attend to business needs. We offer a fun on-site program that entertains and educates children, while parents attend meetings, answer emails and take care of other business obligations.

In order to participate in the Corporate Advantage Program (CAP), companies must meet the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of 150 employees or more.
  • Disseminate and include CAP information through appropriate internal communication including HR portals, Employee Benefits Package, Employee Discount Program, etc.
  • Complete CAP application

If your company is interested in applying for the Lightbridge Academy Corporate Advantage Program, please contact us today:
Ph: 732-980-1900 x106 or email: