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Every Interaction Is An Opportunity To Learn

The greatest minds in early childhood education — such as Fredrich Fröbel, Howard Gardner, Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget — serve as the inspiration and foundation for our Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum.

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Lightbridge Academy Pre-K students tested 97% proficient in Kindergarten readiness skills!

Our Pre-K Program

Our lesson plans build on the skills each child acquires at various ages and stages of development, in accordance with the theories of Jean Piaget.

Each child is afforded the opportunity to gain information in the way he/she naturally gravitates to, as recommended by Howard Gardner.

Aligning with the thinking of Maria Montessori, we focus on the development of the whole child.

As Loris Malaguzzi recommended, child observations are respected and used to aid in planning for child-led exploration.

In agreement with the philosophy of Fredrich Fröbel, we acknowledge the importance of play in a child’s growth.

Lightbridge Academy has brought these key learnings together to create a curriculum that impacts the “whole” child in a multitude of ways. By embracing every moment as another opportunity to learn, all developmental areas are met, unlocking the potential in every child.
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A Multi-Sensory Approach To Learning

The Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum meets the standard of accreditation for the Association for Early Learning Leaders and National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs.

This curriculum focuses on all areas of growth, helping children achieve their full potential. By seeing the letters, signing the words and hearing the sounds, children learn through a multi-sensory approach.

  • STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math) concepts are taught at an early age, encouraging analytical thought, reasoning skills, and critical thinking while sparking creativity.
  • Reading and Writing Readiness features Handwriting Without Tears®, with hands-on lessons that develop motor skills, preparing children to read and write.
  • Singing Sprouts explores music through singing, movement, instruments, and a variety of cultures and styles, as well as rhythms and patterns.
  • Spanish Sprouts introduces a secondary language to children, helping them develop a bilingual vocabulary they can use for counting, colors, reading and everyday communication.
  • Signing Sprouts fosters communication and language development; American Sign Language is used throughout all programs and age groups.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness teaches our children how to use their breathing and bodies to relieve their stress, and calm their minds and nervous system. Accompanied by music, simple games and at-home activities, the exclusive program also helps children release negative emotions while gaining valuable independence and coping skills.
Seven Learning Domains in an

Integrated Curriculum

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