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It's all in the family.

While everyone in the Lightbridge Academy Circle of Care contributes to our mission, the center office team, teachers and caregivers are at the forefront of our success. As leaders, we are all role models for children to follow. When you join the Lightbridge Academy family, you become part of a team of lifelong learners who are passionate about children and families... just like you are!


Why Lightbridge? Because we care... deeply. We care about children, families, the community and YOU!

At Lightbridge Academy, we understand that creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience requires more than just education.
It’s a perfect blend of heart, trust, teamwork and a shared belief in our core values.

The smiles we see on children’s faces every day show us we’re doing something important — providing a trusted place where little ones feel comfortable enough to lose themselves in the wonder of learning and play. What could be more important in the world? We know that it takes an extra special team to create this one-of-a-kind learning experience.


Also, did we mention smiling until your cheeks hurt?


Our Family
Our Family
Our Family
Our Family
Our Family
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Our Family
Our Family

Ready to make a difference in a child’s world?  Bring your talent, love of children and passion for discovery to our family.  Become an important part of our children’s lives as they learn, thrive and grow in our Circle of Care. Take the next step with Lightbridge Academy today!


Free hugs!

Here, hugs are free… along with many potential added benefits! Keep in mind, Lightbridge Academy centers are independently owned and operated by franchisees, therefore, benefits vary by center. As a cherished member of the Lightbridge family, franchisees may offer you competitive benefits that range from financial to well-being and beyond!

Health Insurance

Franchisees may offer a variety of health insurance coverage, ranging from medical to dental and more!

Paid Time-off

Paid time-off may include holiday, vacation, sick and personal time depending on the benefits offered.

Work/Life Balance

Lightbridge Academy centers are closed in the evening and weekends which provides you with plenty of time for your own friends and family.


Did we mention hugs are free? Some of the most valuable benefits come from the love and gratitude shared by the children and families you serve. You will hold a special place in many hearts.

Child Care Perks

Discounted child care rates are often part of your benefits package.

401K Program

This retirement program is offered by many Lightbridge Academy franchisees.

Training and Development Opportunities

Everyone should have the opportunity to grow and develop, including you! Valuable opportunities are available to deepen your knowledge in early childhood education while also learning and developing new skills that will follow you no matter where life’s journey takes you. These might include participation in a CDA program and a variety of ongoing trainings—both live and online!


Do you remember your favorite teacher in school? The impression you make in a young child’s life can last a lifetime... and a job in child care will allow you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children, parents, staff members and others throughout your community!

Chief Relationship Officer (Center Director)

It starts with you! As a leader and Center Director, you play a key role in the lives of your staff, parents and students by: inspiring your team to achieve excellence, forming meaningful relationships with parents, advocating for the education and wellbeing of children and operating a high quality child care center.

Vice President of "Getting It Done" (Assistant Director)

As Assistant Director, you can always be counted on to figure it out, step in or step up to the challenge! As the quintessential “right-hand”, everyone will attest that they just can’t live without you! You are ready and willing to keep the wheels moving and embrace whatever the day brings, whether it’s wiping a tear, reading a book, entering payroll or taking care of a "clean-up" in aisle 1! Loved by staff, parents and children, your positive attitude inspires all those around you to do their very best.

World Changer (Lead Teacher)

Today is another great day! Why? Because as a Lead Teacher, you helped make it that way! As mentor to your team, you lead by example and are a role model for all to follow. Parents and children look to you for reassurance that today will be another great day! You form supportive relationships with staff and parents while also advocating for the education and well-being of all children. Your passion for early childhood education is evident in all that you do. You lead your team in planning exciting lessons and educational activities making every day a new adventure in learning!

Day Maker (Assistant Teacher)

Time flies when you are having fun and this means as an Assistant Teacher, you will never be bored! Your days will be filled with laughter and learning as children look to you for guidance and maybe a reassuring hug to build their confidence. You will assist in delivering lesson plans and educational activities while also fostering a learning environment enabling children to explore and experience many “a ha” moments. A supportive hand, a creative mind and a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of young children will make you a success.

Chief Snuggler (Infant Caregiver)

Your warm arms and gentle ways help bring a quiet calm to the infant suite and peace of mind to all parents. You can recognize the sound of each baby’s voice and are quick to understand exactly what they need. You share tons of hugs, encourage your babies to achieve new developmental milestones and most importantly, you love them unconditionally!

Professional Juggler (Floater)

You are a professional juggler and you LOVE it! Every day is a new day and means working in different classrooms and, lucky you, time with children of all ages. You’re flexible, talented and a team player ready, willing and able. Not to mention, in high demand by every teacher in the center!


Lightbridge Academy centers are independently owned and operated and actual benefits may vary by location. Each franchise owner is responsible for the staffing and management of their center location(s) and team members. All questions should be directed to the specific franchise center location.

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