Is Your Child Prepared For Kindergarten?

November 9, 2022

When most parents think about kindergarten readiness, they usually think about if their child has the academic skills they need to be successful. Academics are an important component, however, social-emotional development also needs to be included in order to excel in kindergarten. Here at Lightbridge Academy, all aspects of learning are targeted. When graduation time arrives, your child will have a considerable advantage being a Lightbridge Academy graduate!


As you may already know, we have partnered with LifeCubby Vine Assessments™ to help our teachers observe and assess all the developmental milestones your child achieves throughout their year using the Seedlings Early Childhood Education program. Some of the social skill milestones teachers will be focusing on are:


Listening Skills: Does your child actively listen when others are speaking?

Sharing: Is your child able to easily play and share with others?

Following Directions: Can your child follow one direction at a time?

Patience: Is your child able to wait their turn?

Collaboration: Can your child respect others’ opinions even if they are different from theirs?


In conjunction with social skills, teachers will also focus on academic skills such as:

Language and Literacy Skills

  • Recognizes two rhyming words (e.g., pan and man)
  • Can recognize their name in print and attempt to write it

Math Skills

  • Can count to 10
  • Able to classify items by size, color, pattern, or shape and is familiar with basic shapes

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

  • Can run, jump, hop (with one and two feet)
  • Able to bounce a ball and attempt to catch it


How have our graduates done so far? Children who were engaged and instructed with Lightbridge Academy’s Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum proved to be 92% proficient and possessed the skills, knowledge and attitude needed for future success in their elementary years!! This can make all the difference in your child’s self-esteem, desire to learn and setting the proper foundation for their elementary school years. Feel confident that Lightbridge Academy will help your child build their confidence and put them on a path to success.


For more about the Vine Assessments: