Ten Minute Exercises to Help Working Parents Get Fit

February 6, 2017
Happy and healthy family who do ten minute exercises that help working parents get fit

Most of us start off the new year with high expectations to lose at least 10 pounds before spring! But by February, we want to start over...again. Sound familiar? That's because it's almost impossible to squeeze in even 30 minutes of exercise each day with preschool children, a job and all of your other responsibilities.

Take heart! New studies show quick, short bursts of exercise in 10 minute increments help keep your heart strong and help you lose weight when combined with a healthy diet.  That's because it's much easier for a working parent to fit 10 minutes of exercise on a consistent basis rather longer exercise routines because it's so much shorter and more manageable. Then you can incorporate your longer workouts on the weekends when you have a little more time.   

According to data from the National Runner's Health Study, repeatedly starting and stopping a workout routine makes weight gain probable and weight loss more difficult. And no one's got time for that!  

Here are a few quick but effective exercises that will help get you started achieving your fitness goals in 2017!

1. Jog in place during TV commercials. You can burn up to 90 calories in 10 minutes just by jogging in your own living room! Be sure to keep your knees up and your breathing steady for effective results.

2. Walk...everywhere. Walk during your lunch break. Take the stairs. Walk to the post office, library or pharmacy...just get out and walk. Walking can get your body moving and help you to burn 50 calories in just 10 minutes.

3. Dance. Dance. Dance. Who doesn't love a good dance party? And this is an activity you can do with your preschool child. Crank up your favorite dance tunes and go crazy! Dancing for just 10 minutes can burn up to 100 calories.

4. Go for a bike ride. It might sound crazy to ride a bike in the winter, but you can burn over 100 calories in just 10 minutes of cycling. This is one of the warmest winters on record so bundle up and get riding! You will burn even more calories when it's cold because your body is trying to keep warm.

Whatever you choose, just get moving! You'll be happy you did when you can fit into your favorite jeans again. It's the little things that become the BIG things! You are worth it!