Reliable Back-Up Child Care: We're Here to Support You

January 30, 2024
back up child care giver with child

We all know that life can throw us curveballs, but families with young children often feel they are served a few more surprises than others. When plans go awry, you may not know who to trust to care for your little one. At Lightbridge Academy, we make sure parents never have to worry about the safety or security of their children. Our back-up child care services are here when you need them, and we provide peace of mind so you know your child is in loving hands when you need care.

When Might You Need Back-Up Child Care?

There are an infinite number of situations in which you may need to utilize Lightbridge Academy back-up child care. One of the most common issues is usually last minute when a child’s primary caregiver gets sick. We are always ready to help when your regular caregiver has a schedule conflict. Whether you need an afternoon to yourself, grandpa has a doctor’s appointment, or the babysitter canceled without prior notice, knowing you have an alternative option can make all the difference!

You may also find that back-up care is a particularly helpful option when school or your local daycare closes for a holiday. In many cases, the holiday schedules of school-aged children do not always align with parents’ work schedules. You can trust that we’ll be available to lend the helping hand you need.

How Does Back-Up Child Care Work?

At Lightbridge Academy, we’re here to reduce the stress families face by making it as easy as possible to set up reliable back-up care as needed. We make back-up care available for all children, from infants to school-aged children, on a space-available basis.

There’s no minimum number of days that you have to reserve in order to use our services. In fact, you can simply book a day here and there, or even use back-up care for several weeks at a time. It all depends on your family’s needs and your personal circumstances and preferences. 

Why Choose Lightbridge Academy for Back-Up Child Care?

Lightbridge Academy makes back-up care as convenient as possible for busy families. We also provide a secure, nurturing, and educational environment that young children love returning to. You can have confidence knowing our staff members, educators, and caregivers are all CPR and first-aid certified. Additionally, each member of our team meets the state’s comprehensive requirements for background checks.

We know health and safety are key concerns for parents, and we have pledged to adhere to the highest standards in these areas. From use of an enhanced air purification and filtration system to state-of-the-art security and entry systems, we have covered every last detail to make Lightbridge Academy a safe and comfortable space for children, whether they are in our care for a few hours or throughout their early childhood.

Learn more about our options for back-up child care today! Find a Lightbridge Academy center near you to get started.