Unlocking Potential: The Power of Our Unique Preschool Curriculum

February 21, 2024
preschool student interacts with learning toy

Our preschool curriculum has been designed to incorporate ideas from some of the most respected thought leaders in the field of early education. As a result, parents can expect their children to benefit from cutting-edge research in child development, in addition to receiving nurturing care in a fun and safe environment.

Here’s how our preschoolers will benefit:

  • Stages of cognitive development. The lesson plans within our curriculum carefully build upon the skills that children acquire at different ages.
  • Organic learning. Children are provided the opportunity to absorb information in the way they most naturally gravitate towards. 
  • Whole-child development. We promote the growth and development of the whole child through hands-on learning and the acquisition of real-world skills.
  • Child-led exploration. We encourage the active participation of preschoolers by respecting their observations of the world around them and using these observations as opportunities for child-led learning and exploration.
  • Importance of play. We acknowledge the unique needs and capabilities of children, including the essential role that play has in their overall growth. 

Core Features of Our Preschool Curriculum

To help preschoolers get the most out of the learning process and stay engaged, we’ve broken our curriculum down into theme-based lessons that follow a multi-sensory approach. These lessons foster growth and development of new skills such as science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math (STREAM). 

Through a focus on communication, children learn to follow instructions, cooperate with their peers, and thrive in their independence. Together, these components of our preschool curriculum form a whole learning ecosystem that supports children and prepares them for success!

For preschoolers, every moment represents a new opportunity to grow and learn with boundless potential. Our preschool curriculum meets children where they are in their development and supports them in unlocking their potential, all while making the learning experience fun and engaging!

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