Making Friends in Child Care

June 19, 2019

Children learn a number of important lessons in school, and they aren't all academic in nature. Learning how to make friends, for instance, is one essential lesson that children will experience during their time in child care. They are building confidence and self-esteem by choosing playtime partners, forming close bonds, and taking care of personal needs all by themselves. Check out these tips to help your child make friends at school:


Schedule play dates with other on the weekends. Invite one or two other children over to play with your child for a couple of hours. This will help them learn about sharing and cooperating, as well as how fun it can be to spend time with friends!


Teach your child how to be a good friend and what it means to be a good friend. When your child is playing with their peers, point out positive behaviors that can help them understand how to be a good friend. Reinforce these behaviors to exemplify the importance of compassion, kindness, and other qualities of a good friend and person.


Set good examples. It is important for parents to be positive role models and set examples for their children. Do this by detaching from your computer or phone and setting aside time for one-on-one play. Show them how you can work together to build towers or spaceships, be patient by taking turns to clean up activities before moving onto the next one, and show compassion when things don’t go as planned.


Encourage your child to try new hobbies. Playing sports, games, or participating in other activities can be a great way for your child to socialize with children that share in their interests. You can help your child build these special and meaningful relationships by encouraging your child to pursue his or her interests.

These tips can help your child feel more comfortable making new friends during the upcoming school year!