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Summer Fun & Flexibility for Parents! 

Even though school is out for elementary school age children that doesn't mean parents have the summer off too! Your child will enjoy summer the way it should be - with fun, exciting activities, new friendships, spontaneous shenanigans and water. Yes, lots of water. And while you're at it, give yourself a break by choosing a summer camp that works for working parents. With extended hours, meal plans, and a parent eCommunication app, Lightbridge Academy has you connected and covered!

The Perfect First Summer Camp Experience

Our summer camps are safe, structured environments designed with young children in mind. Every week is a new theme with fun and another form of fun. Whether they are exploring the Wild West and creating stick horses to ride, being Mad Scientists with STREAM experiments and bubbling volcanos or Clowning Around and preparing their own carnival, its a summer filled with adventure and (shhhh), learning too! 

A Safe Space to Explore

Getting back to “normal” is something everyone is longing for, especially children. They are ready to build new friendships, learn through exploration, and enjoy some old-fashioned fun! This program is designed to keep children moving, enjoying the great outdoors and exploring their creativity, while providing parents with the peace of mind they need.
Young children thrive in environments with the freedom to explore yet the structure necessary to keep them safe with a watchful eye and nurturing reassurance. The staff at Lightbridge Academy are experienced with young children, CPR and first-aid certified and meet all state licensing requirements for mandatory background checks. 

Get ready for a summer filled with fun, learning and the flexibility to meet the needs of
every parent and child! 

Calling All Children

Summer camp is all about reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Your child doesn't have to be enrolled in a Lightbridge Academy year-round program to join in the fun.

The Choice of Parents

Give yourself a break this summer from lunch-making and the stress of rushing to get to work on time! Lightbridge Academy's summer camp supports parents with these conveniences:
  • Flexible Schedules: There are many different schedules available to accommodate your needs! Book the entire summer or just a few weeks. Choose a schedule that covers an extended-day, full-day or another option that work best for you.
  • Options for Lunch: Children will enjoy nutritious snacks as part of the summer camp program, however, it is your option to bring your own lunch or choose one of our delicious Meal Plan options. 
  • Parent eCommunication App - Do we go overboard keeping you connected? Of course, we do! You will receive reminders, notifications of your child's achievements, photos, video, a food & potty schedule and more in your daily report.
  • ParentView® Internet Monitoring System - Enables you to stay connected, all day, any day in real time! Login and watch your child having fun and engaged in learning activities throughout the day.


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