Our Preschool program get’s your child ready for the big time

Your three or four year-old is making big moves. In no time they’re going from learning letters to learning words and they are going from using scissors to being able to measure in cooking class. They’re asking questions nonstop and want to do more and more by themselves. It’s an important time as they acquire crucial skills for Kindergarten. We have separate classrooms for three and four year-olds, but our focus is the same—to help them develop a love of learning and easily assimilate into elementary school.

Make the most of the important Preschool years

Preschool provides a wonderful opportunity to allow children the freedom to develop and grow in independence and confidence. Lightbridge Academy will help your child gain the social skills necessary to succeed in a Kindergarten environment. We provide the gentle, nurturing structure and guidance to teach them to sit and listen for longer periods of time. However, we never lose sight of the fact that your three or four year-old is still a preschooler, and we shape our curriculum and our expectations accordingly. Our instructors are well-acquainted with the milestones for three and four year-olds and pay careful attention to your child’s development. This enables us to gear activities towards helping them achieve important learning objectives and social skills.

Our curriculum plants the seed of excellence

Lightbridge Academy’s own Seedlings Early Childhood Education Program features stimulating and fun activities that help your child develop a lifelong love of learning:

  • Different lesson plans for addressing three and four year-olds’ development in: sensory & perception, language & communication, personal & social, creativity & arts and physical & cognitive.
  • Enrichment programs for Spanish and Musical Beginnings.
  • Science, math and social studies – we introduce these subjects through hands-on activities that engage children’s curiosity through exploration.
  • Our Reading & Writing Readiness program, called Handwriting Without Tears, begins in Pre-K 3 and continues to become more advanced through Pre-K 4. This literacy-based program helps your child develop key building blocks to becoming a strong reader. Unlike phonetic-based programs, which focus on only one aspect of the reading process, our Handwriting Without Tears program is a “whole language approach.”

Our teachers have mastered the art of smart fun

Our Preschool teachers are warm, nurturing and committed professionals. They are also masters of finding exciting ways of encouraging your child’s development through a theme-based curriculum stressing hands-on activities and active participation. Here’s an example of their creativity at work when the lesson is a “sensational seed” theme:

  • Song of the week: “A Seed Song “
  • Book: The Seasons of Johnny’s Apple Tree
  • Arts & Crafts: From Seed to Sprout Finger painting
  • Math: Seed Packet Matching
  • Science: We eat seeds!

The Place to Preschool

Our Preschool classrooms are big, bright and cheery. They have comfy furniture and there’s lots of room to explore and space to create. They’re arranged into center–based learning environments that enable your child to follow their interests to the Building Center, Computer Center, Reading Center or one of many others. These learning areas are filled with fun and age-appropriate puzzles, manipulatives, games and toys. In the four year-olds’ classrooms, interactive white boards are introduced to encourage active participation and create an engaging, multimedia learning experience.

We make it easy for parents to participate

As your child prepares for the big time in Kindergarten, you’ll want to follow their progress closely. It’s a wonderful time to feel connected to your three or four year-old, too, as they’re starting to read and learn fun things. We make it easy for you to be involved:

  • Tadpoles App – Receive reminders, notifications of your child’s achievements, photos, video clips, a food & potty schedule and more in your daily report.
  • Peek-of-the-Week – Stay a step ahead of your child’s events and activities
  • Meal Plan – When your child is ready to eat solid foods, we give you options to choose from.  This way we can make sure we appeal to even the most finicky eaters, and you can be sure your child is eating happily and healthy.

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