Infant Program

A Wonderful Start For Your Infant

For infants, every loving interaction — whether it’s singing a lullaby or rocking them to sleep — is an opportunity to support their emotional development. We focus on providing this individualized, nurturing care while also introducing the fundamentals of learning to your infant.

Our infant suite is the perfect developmentally appropriate environment for little ones as they learn to move, pull up, roll over and eventually crawl.

Infant Program
I thought, 'Curriculum for an infant? You've got to be kidding.' Then I learned how important it is for babies to have the stimulation and exercises they need at different stages of development. Thanks to Lightbridge Academy, I'm learning how to be a better parent."


Our infant curriculum creates a solid foundation for your little one’s future growth and development. By creating strong bonds, learning through play and stimulating their five senses, even our youngest students are encouraged to explore the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment. Primary caregivers introduce a theme-based curriculum, which is enhanced with enrichment programs such as Singing Sprouts, Spanish Sprouts and Signing Sprouts.

  • Fine Motor: Infants develop their fine motor skills by clapping their hands to music, picking up finger foods, and holding onto their favorite toys to build hand and finger dexterity along with hand-eye coordination.
  • Language: From hearing to processing sounds to palate development, language skills flourish by expressing wants and needs, repetition and the use of American Sign Language. This reduces pre-verbal frustration by closing the gap between their desire and ability to communicate while having their needs understood.
  • Movement in Space: When babies are crawling, exploring their environment and taking their first steps, they are getting stronger from head to toe, and it shows!
  • Social & Emotional: Each smile, embrace and encouraging word builds trust and helps children thrive in social settings, which sets them up for healthy relationships.
  • Cognitive: By stimulating brain function, infants are invited to become investigators and cheer on their discoveries, which builds skills such as object permanence and rationalization.

Support for Nursing Mothers

Our BottleBridge®-certified* infant caregivers are ready to support nursing infants and mothers, providing full-time peace of mind for your newest arrival. Lightbridge Academy infant caregivers bridge the gap by supporting every mother’s personal decision — whether that is to nurse, provide bottle-fed breast milk or formula. Our team of infant caregivers possess a depth of knowledge on:

  • Building relationships with nursing moms
  • Respecting a mother’s decision to breast feed
  • Proper feeding of bottle-fed expressed milk
  • Understanding the benefits of breastfeeding an infant
  • Proper handling and storage of breast milk


*This Lightbridge Academy exclusive certification program is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) and based on the collective information provided by institutions such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

nursing moms

Stay Connected With Your Baby®

As the parent of an infant, you’ll want to know what’s going on every minute of every day. We know it’s hard to be apart and wonder what your child is doing. That is why we make it a priority to keep you connected:

Lightbridge Journey App
Lightbridge Journey App

Receive reminders, notifications of your child's achievements, photos, videos, a food and potty schedule, and more in your daily report.

ParentView® Internet Monitoring
ParentView® Internet Monitoring

Stay connected, all day, any day, in real time. Log in and watch your baby having fun and being engaged in learning activities.


Keep informed of the curriculum, activities, special visitors and all that will take place the following week.