Preschool Program

A Solid Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning

Preschool provides the freedom and opportunity for children to develop and grow in independence and confidence. An engaged child learns! While having fun, they aren’t even aware they are developing reading and math skills. In addition, your child will gain the social skills necessary to succeed in Pre-K and beyond. Through small and large group instruction and activities, teachers focus on every child as an individual — enabling them to gain knowledge and thrive.

Preschool Program

I asked my daughter what she did today and she said, 'We visited a watering hole in Africa and watched the antelope!' and then shared details. I am thrilled with how engaged she is with learning."


Our proprietary Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum utilizes theme-based lessons to strengthen your child’s emerging skills in reading, writing, science, technology and math. Additionally, we help prepare your child for the structured learning environment of a kindergarten classroom through teacher-guided instruction and child-led exploration focused on effective communication, the ability to follow instruction and how to work cooperatively with peers.

Enrichment programs such as Spanish Sprouts, Signing Sprouts, Singing Sprouts, Yoga & Mindfulness, and Handwriting Without Tears® expand on key building blocks that support our multi-sensory approach.

  • Creative Arts & Music: Together, we explore tempos and rhythms, sing in groups, learn about instruments of all kinds and create beautiful artwork, thanks to increasing hand-eye coordination.
  • Physical & Well-Being: Learning to live a healthy, active life begins in the preschool years. Large motor activities along with small muscle strength are both necessary for building fine-motor skills and healthy bodies. They’re developing large motor skills for sports and dance, and fine motor skills for writing and playing music.
  • Language & Literacy: The preschool years are critical for language, literacy and a love of reading. Together with fostering verbal communication, reading and writing continue to develop through creative journaling and a classroom filled with labeled items, expanding their vocabulary and sight word knowledge.
  • Mathematics & Science: One day it’s interactive learning, visiting an ocean through underwater webcams, and the next day it’s STREAM activities or exploring abstract geometric patterns.
  • Social & Emotional: Children are building confidence and self-esteem by choosing playtime partners, forming close bonds, and taking care of personal needs all by themselves.
  • Cognitive: The development of reasoning skills allows preschool children to create innovative solutions as well as the ability to persist in solving difficult problems. It’s all about the individual as they learn through a variety of themes and styles, so every child progresses naturally and without frustration.
Classroom technology

Classroom technology

In our preschool classrooms, students develop their cognitive functions by exploring and manipulating technology to investigate questions and solve problems.

Interactive whiteboards enable teachers to bring children on virtual field trips, play learning games with the children, interact with oversized stories and bring lessons to life in big, beautiful ways.

By meeting the needs of both visual and kinesthetic learners, tech tables and whiteboards capture the attention of students increasing learning motivation and class participation.

The Solution for Working Parents®

As your child prepares for Kindergarten, you’ll want to follow their progress closely. We make sure you never have to miss a special moment and are always aware of your child’s activities and progress. Additionally, we offer other helpful conveniences to provide you peace of mind and help simplify your life as a busy working parent.