Full and Extended-Day Kindergarten

More individual attention and teaching beyond the basics

Lightbridge Academy understands your desire to have your child well-prepared for first grade. Our strong academic program, coupled with nurturing care, is a successful combination for your kindergartner. Entering first grade, your Lightbridge Academy graduate will have a considerable advantage over other students.

Full and Extended-Day Kindergarten

Rather than just giving my child the answers to memorize, he is learning to solve problems. The STREAM activities in this kindergarten have helped him advance in so many different areas."


Our teachers follow a detailed curriculum that exceeds state educational requirements, bringing together the fundamentals of education into theme-based lessons that impact the whole child. While educating your child, we reinforce important life skills such as communication, kindness, respect, honesty and sharing. Through the Lightbridge Foundation, children also learn the importance of helping others in need.

  • Creative Arts & Music: Children learn to express themselves and explore the cultures around them through creative arts and music. Art media advances to clay, watercolors, sculpture and texture. Music appreciation reveals a wide range of music from a variety of cultures, styles and time periods. Music theory is explored through beat and patterns in rhythm, and changes in melody.
  • Physical & Well-Being: Health and nutrition become part of daily routines in which children learn more about human growth and parts of their bodies, muscles, vitamins and the importance of exercise. Structured games teach teamwork and cooperation and provide the opportunity for lots of outside fun time!
  • Yoga & Mindfulness: Children benefit from each of these practices and begin learning how to use their breathing and bodies to relieve their stress, calm their minds and nervous system. Accompanied by music, simple games and at-home activities, the exclusive program also helps children to release negative emotions while gaining independence and coping skills.
  • Language & Literacy: Reading comprehension is deepened by retelling stories in detail, exploring sentence structure and introducing new styles of literature. The nationally recognized Handwriting Without Tears® is used to develop writing skills starting with drawing, then journaling and eventually writing stories.
  • Mathematics & Science: STREAM learning integrates and intentionally creates opportunities to combine math and science concepts in engaging activities. Measuring, comparing and estimating, along with compiling data and forming conclusions, advance children’s math and science skills.
  • Social & Emotional Well-Being: Children build confidence and self-esteem while also learning about their role as a citizen and developing empathy through philanthropic activity and volunteerism. Children study cultures and history from around the world.

The Solution for Working Parents®

Your child is experiencing big changes in kindergarten, and you’ll want to closely follow his or her progress. Lightbridge Academy offers many programs to facilitate open and direct communication with your child’s teachers that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, we offer other helpful conveniences to provide you peace of mind and help simplify your life as a busy working parent.