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You can't help but appreciate a rainbow. It has a way of making everyone feel at peace, like everything is right. In 1997, we welcomed everyone under our rainbow when we opened our doors as Rainbow Academy. In 2011 we franchised our business and in 2014, we changed our name to Lightbridge Academy and the same bridge of light continues to "illuminate young minds while helping everyone within our Circle of Care along life's journey."

Founder's Welcome
Julia & I are parents of three sons and eight grandchildren. We know first-hand the struggles of the working parent and have made it our mission to provide the kind of support, education and care that cannot be found anywhere else in the child care industry. My family still remains deeply involved in Lightbridge Academy today. My children work alongside me in the home office and I can always count on my grandchildren to provide me with feedback from their experience as graduates and as enrolled students in the centers we cherish and helped create.

Your family deserves to have a peaceful feeling every time you walk through the doors of a Lightbridge Academy. You can feel good about leaving your child with us, and know that they will be happy, surrounded by love, guided with purpose and inspired to learn. These are tender times for you. We know. We share your concerns, joys and boundless optimism.

Earning your trust is our number one priority. Through the years, it has given us great satisfaction to know how many working parents have included us as part of their extended family. They have relied on us to help them meet the challenges of balancing work and parenting. And it gives us tremendous pride to have created an environment that balances warmth and security with nurturing care and a solid educational program.

Here, you'll be part of a Circle of Care where you and your family will feel at home.

Welcome to Lightbridge Academy!

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Since 1997, Lightbridge Academy's core values have drawn together thousands of parents, children, staff, franchise owners and communities to form the supportive relationships necessary for children and families to thrive. 

Our proprietary Seedlings early childhood education curriculum encompasses solid academic learning with developmentally appropriate practices designed to cultivate the whole child.

Lightbridge Academy is known as The Solution for Working Parents® and we remain committed to meeting their evolving needs while never forgetting that children are at the center of why we are all gathered together. 

Our ongoing commitment to support busy moms and dads inspired us to integrate technology as a way to form a stronger connection between home and school. Lightbridge Academy was the first child care in 1998 to introduce ParentView® Internet Monitoring, a technology that enables parents to stay connected throughout the day. It also led to the 2011 launch of a parent eCommunication app that sends families pictures and videos with real time reports and milestone updates. In 2020, we led the child care industry with the gold standard for health & safety with our air purification and filtration systems. These enhancements, in addition to many others, have continued to keep us at the forefront as innovators in educational child care.

In the coming years, Lightbridge Academy will continue to expand our unique brand by opening child care franchises in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.