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Maybe you'll notice, maybe you won't. If you listen, you're likely to hear children laughing. If you dwell on the soothing, cheerful color palette, you might just start to feel your heart rate slow down. That's the idea. Lightbridge Academy centers have many behind-the-scenes design features that support development in children and provide peace of mind to parents.

Child room is designed for instruction


Every classroom is designed with an uncommon understanding of the environment best suited for your child's developmental stage. For example, we arrange classrooms into learning centers for Dramatic Play, Art, Science, Reading, Technology and other other areas to foster exploration and learning through play. This stimulates curiosity as they follow their interests from one station to the next. We also incorporate child-size bathroom facilities into classrooms so that children feel comfortable and teachers are close at hand to support healthy habits and toilet learning.


You can feel secure from the moment you drop your child off in the morning. Here are some of the protective features in our centers:
  • Coded entry systems
  • Silent alarms
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Door finger-guards
  • Video cameras
  • Limited points of entry
And these are just a few of the many ways we create a secure child care facility for our children and families.

"Bright, cheerful, caring, stimulating, responsive, organized, smart: those are a few words that come to mind when I think of Lightbridge Academy child care centers."


We live in a digitally connected world. Children need to be provided with the tools necessary to gain every technological advantage. Properly implemented and monitored, technology can be a powerful educational tool.

In our Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, students develop their cognitive functions by exploring and manipulating technology to investigate questions and solve problems.

Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to bring children on virtual field trips, play learning games, interact with oversized stories and bring lessons to life in big, beautiful ways.

By meeting the needs of both visual and kinesthetic learners, tech tables and whiteboards capture the attention of students increasing learning motivation and class participation.

Boy and girl learning together