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Vegetables and Toddlers - Two 'Peas in a Pod' - Blog

Vegetables and Toddlers - Two 'Peas in a Pod'

Dip it, name it, drink it, mix it, top it, choose it and mix it - these will be your keys to success when introducing vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods into your child's diet. Toddlers and vegetables are not always two peas in a pod' so finding new ways to help your little one overcome their skepticism and try new foods. It is amazing that children have no hesitation trying chocolate, chips and ice cream, but do not have the same reaction to vegetables. The next time you are preparing a meal, try these tricks and tips to make vegetables seem more appealing to your little one!

- Dip it. Introduce dips alongside raw vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers or tomatoes. Let them try out a variety of dressings, condiments, spreads or yogurts for fruit.

- Name it. After having your toddler experiment, give the foods fun names like 'broccoli trees' or 'carrot swords' and 'cucumber boats' to make eating vegetables more amusing. For a fun activity, help your little one take small cookie cutters and cut the fruits and veggies into fun shapes, too!

- Drink it. Create smoothies with your child's favorite fruits and vegetables, and add in some yogurt or milk for extra vitamins and calcium. Your child will love the taste and they won't even know they are eating vegetables and getting their vitamins! You can also try pureeing vegetables into a juice and baking it then into muffins, cakes and breads or cooking them into eggs and mixing into sauces, for some extra nutrients.

- Mix it. Introduce something new with a familiar food they know and love; this will help ease some of the hesitation. For example, add some broccoli to their macaroni and cheese, or mix fruits and veggies into their favorite applesauce or yogurt.

- Top it. Children (and adults) typically tend to enjoy sweet and savory foods so by topping a bland vegetable with something sweet or even salty, you have a better chance of getting your child to eat it. Sprinkle some cinnamon on boiled carrots or mix in a marshmallow and a little brown sugar into sweet potatoes. Add some butter and a pinch of salt to the vegetables for some added flavor for your toddler to enjoy.

- Choose it. When it comes time for your weekly grocery store visit, bring your little one along and have them shop with you, get them excited to try new things and give them guided options such as, "do you want peas or broccoli", "corn or carrots" so they feel as though they are in control by choosing.

-Cook it. Have your toddler cook with you if they help make the food, they may be more excited to taste their delicious creations!

Try any of these ideas the next mealtime and see how much your child may actually enjoy eating their vegetables!

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