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The Importance of Sleep for Your Growing Child

Making sure your little one gets enough sleep, including naps, is an essential part of their growth and development.


Why? Here are some reasons:


Cognitive Development 
Adequate sleep helps your child learn. You know how much your little one absorbs each day in the class room. Getting enough sleep at night is crucial to helping them retain what they’re learning as well as giving them enough energy to begin the learning process. 


Behavioral Problems 
Children who don't get enough sleep can seem hyperactive and have behavior issues. A well-rested child is more calm, happy, and attentive, making it easier to teach them and easier to help them model good behavior. 


General Health 
If your child isn't getting enough sleep, he or she could be at risk of getting sick, just like an adult. Sleep is not only important to help the brain reset and recover, but also allows the body to rest and recuperate. Not getting enough sleep can make your child more likely to get sick from the germs commonly associated with child care or kindergarten. 

For a child who is not getting enough sleep, even falling asleep or staying asleep can be tough. When your child is hyperactive from lack of sleep, letting them stay up later is not the best idea-in fact, making bedtime earlier is the best solution. A child who is getting the right amount of sleep is ready to go to bed when it is bedtime. Sleep is important and helps them succeed!


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