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How Early Can a Child's Education Begin?

Parents want the best for their children. Providing for your child means making sure they are given all of the tools necessary to grow into happy, strong, smart, and successful individuals. As parents, we work hard to act as teachers for our children from the moment they are born. With a variety of different courses and curricula designed specifically for little ones in preschool and kindergarten, it can be difficult to decide just when to start your child's education.

Children typically begin kindergarten at age 5-but that doesn't mean education should wait until then to begin. Research shows that the first 5 years of a child's life are crucial to their development. While math, science, and English may still be a few years away, infants start learning through exercising their senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound. Playing and experiencing new sensations help infants start developing into students.


Education child care centers offer great programs designed to help infants start their education:


Children as young as 6 weeks can be enrolled in early childhood education programs. These infant programs are designed to get your little one used to being in a school-like environment, become independent, learn socialization skills and develop the life lessons they need to succeed in school and life.


Various skills are trained and practiced during infant programs. The teachers and child care experts are trained in early childhood development. Activities are designed to help infants achieve important milestones such as localizing sounds, tracking moving objects, and kicking their legs in a bicycle motion.


Infants are also exposed to other children in these programs. Education is about more than just academics, it's also about learning social skills. Starting at a very young age helps infants to be comfortable around their peers.


At Lightbridge Academy, we offer amazing programs for young infants, mobile infants, toddlers, and more. Our goal is to help your child grow into excellent students and excellent people!

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