Understanding the Difference Between Daycare and Educational Child Care

Understanding the Difference Between Daycare and Educational Child Care
Most people remember the major life changes that occurs when becoming a parent. Even though it’s one of the most special times in their life, with change often comes stress. Every decision regarding a child’s well-being seems to be of paramount importance and none are more stressful than the decisions new parents face when preparing to go back to work.
Should I stay at home longer? What about enrolling my child in a local daycare? Or is an educational child care center the right fit? In order to make this decision, it is important to determine your expectations and understand the difference between daycare and educational child care.
Local Daycare – Mom & Pop
Local daycare centers are often smaller in size and focus on caring for the needs of young children. While some educational activities are included, these programs usually do not have a comprehensive curriculum that progress along with the development of the child. Caregivers are usually employed and educational requirements vary greatly. For parents with shorter work schedules, local daycares offer shorter programs with part day programs but may be limited in extended day programs.
Educational Child Care Centers
Educational child care combines high quality of care along with an early childhood curriculum. These types of centers vary in philosophy and focus. Many have higher educational requirements for lead teachers including CPR and First Aid certifications. For parents with longer work hours, extended programs accommodate their busy schedules and goes above and beyond to provide a higher quality service. With unique programs and curriculums put in place to help children grow and develop, centers focused on educational child care offer parents peace of mind by providing a nurturing environment designed to make both you and your child feel comfortable.
However, the differences between daycare and educational child care don’t end there. Here are a few benefits of the Lightbridge Academy educational child care program that stand out to parents:
Supportive Environment for Parents: Educational child care thinks beyond the needs of children. For example, at Lightbridge Academy, technology is implemented inside the classroom to give parents even more access to their children throughout the day. By using an internet monitoring system and staying connected through an eCommunication app, parents never have to miss a moment—or milestone—while they’re at work.
Trained Early Childhood Educators: Most of the people that choose to work in this field share the same passion for working with children. However, that passion is accompanied by training and certification at educational child care centers. Depending on state requirements, staff may be required to possess a Child Development Associate credential, hold an Associate degree in child development or Bachelor of Arts in education.
Keys to Success: Providing qualified teachers’ with training goes a long way. But the whole child needs to be considered when preparing them for future success and grow into happy, confident, independent, and well-socialized individuals. With this in mind, children are guided through an age appropriate curriculum preparing them for academic success at an early age. In fact, assessments show that 93 percent of Lightbridge Academy’s pre-K students are already functioning at the Kindergarten level. And because educational child care also creates a well-rounded experience for children, learning is always fun.
Positive Culture: Beyond academics, Lightbridge Academy programs are designed to create a happy and supportive environment for everyone that walks through the doors. The Lightbridge Academy’s Circle of Care philosophy places equal weight on the needs of everyone in a child’s life creating a trusted and nurturing environment where families can thrive. That means that your needs as a parent are considered as just as important as those of your child’s!
Choosing the right fit for family is a very personal decision. Hopefully this blog will help provide you with
Some helpful information to make the best child care choice for your family. You are invited to visit a Lightbridge Academy center for more information on our programs and services. Hope to see you soon!
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