Surviving (and Thriving) Parenthood in the Pinterest Age

The perfect birthday cakes. The adorable hand-knit booties and hat set. The perfect family photo shoot that looks like a magazine cover. We've seen it all - Pinterest.

But while the content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to custom pinboards, it has inspired millions of users to get creative at home, there's also been an unsuspected consequence that's been dubbed "Pinterest Stress."

From crazy crockpot recipes, to "10 quick and easy ways to organize the clutter" we've all thought, "I would love to do that!" But while the beautiful, creative images can inspire, it's easy to see why busy, working parents can begin to feel a little jaded by it all.

Before you let these perfectly photographed projects make you feel inadequate as a parent, remember one thing: your children love you for you. The amazingly high standards we've set for ourselves doesn’t matter to our children. It's all about the way you make them feel - loved and adored! Between the daily work commute, shuffling to and from your local Lightbridge Academy center, and maintaining house and home, we know your time is invaluable. Trade in the glossy photos on the screen for quality time with your family.

Just because you haven't created your child's birthday party decorations from scratch doesn't mean they didn't have the most amazing day ever, because chances are that they did. And even though you haven't gotten around to baking those made-from-scratch pink lemonade cake-pops yet doesn't mean you've failed either. In fact, it's in the unplanned and unpredicted moments that true memories are made. It's partnering up with your child to use what you have in the refrigerator to create a colorful and delicious treat that you both will remember. Or the impromptu iPhone photograph of your infant taken as they doze off in their car seat that you'll cherish forever.

Step away from the screen, unplug, and reconnect with your family. After all, the times you share right now is what makes a lifetime full of memories.

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