Making Household Tasks Fun! Training Preschoolers to Help Around the House.

Did you know? Research shows that children who participate in helping around the house are more likely to help others outside the home. This is because once a child is used to helping, they begin to see their contribution as valuable.  Helping out around the house also teaches independence and satisfaction--two very important character building traits.
Most children already help out at their early learning center. Some of their tasks may include passing out papers, cleaning up toys or being the line leader. So why not carry those skills over into your own home? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Make the Task FUN! If you make the task or chore like a game, the child will be more inclined to help. For example, how fast can your child match the family's socks or how well did they make the refrigerator shine? Preschoolers love to be included in everything so helping out in a fun way makes it easy for your child to participate.

Whistle While you Work! Sing a song together or play your favorite music while working. This will help your child to associate the task with joy and make the time go by faster.
Enjoy the Connection. Instead of dreading peeling potatoes, or setting the table, see it as a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your child. Have your child fold the napkins or scrub the potatoes. They will love it!

Believe it or not, even toddlers (18 months to 2 years old) can learn to help out around the house! They can open mail, wipe baseboards with a duster or dry rag, put trash in the wastebasket, unload produce from the grocery bag and even put dirty clothes in the hamper. Three to five year old children can help empty trashcans, pick up toys, match socks, tear lettuce for salad and even make their own bed. They can even wipe down the television or refrigerator!

Once your preschool child learns that helping around the house is expected and appreciated, they can take on more difficult tasks as they get older. This will help make managing the household much easier and make everything run smoothly.

Enjoy those household chores with your child. Teaching them these skills now will help save you from frustration later.
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