Five Simple Ways to Manage Your Time!

We all try to be organized. We know it's not your intention to forget the class cupcakes or to dress your children in purple on orange day. It's not easy to manage the family' schedule, handle the household chores and make dinner, all while working and raising a family. Being organized is really about knowing your responsibilities, prioritizing the work to be done, and using time as a gift.

Let's discuss managing your time today, as this is a big part of taking back control of your schedule. When you place your goals and priorities at the forefront, it will assist you in making the necessary changes required to live the successful life you truly want to live.

With kids, life is unpredictable. How many times have you tried to leave the house and you are missing your child's shoes? With a few important changes, you can learn how to how to take full advantage of the time you have and help to relieve some of the pressure you feel with the daily time crunch.

Here are the five ways to manage your time:

1. Review the way you spend your time. Examine your schedule closely and you will be able to remove non-essential tasks that could be put on hold or eliminated. In some cases, this could free up almost an hour of your day!

2. Determine your priorities. Try dividing your to-do list into three sections: immediate needs, weekly needs and long-term projects. This way you will not feel overwhelmed and will be able to successfully conquer your tasks.

3. Give little helpers a job. Even small children can help with daily chores such as sorting laundry, picking up toys and putting groceries away.

4. Prepare a "basics" bag. Have a bag set with the basics (baby items, wipes, coloring books, snacks, etc.) and keep it by the door so you are always ready to go.

5. Put items in their proper place. Little ones are quick to throw off their shoes and ditch their gloves when they come home from school. As a result, we can wind up wasting precious time looking for these lost items that can be stuffed under the couch and in the toy bo

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